Best Gas Pole Saw Product Reviews Worth For Money in 2020

Are you getting tired of risking your life for the sake of maintaining the look of the good old tree beside your house? Most of the time, you really need to climb a ladder just to get rid of the overhanging branches over your house. Instead of straining your arms, neck, and back, you should use a pole saw which is more efficient.

Pole saws are improved chainsaws that are attached to a pole so you no longer need to climb a tree just to trim or prune it. But if you want to ensure that you will finish your work in record time, be sure to get the suitable gas pole saw. Check out our top 5 gas pole saws review below:

5 Best Gas Pole Saw Reviews

 Remington RM2599 Maverick Gas Pole Saw

If you want a versatile gas pole saw then try this gas pole saw from Remington Maverick.  Remington RM2599 Maverick Gas Pole Saw is not only designed for professional use but also for all gardening tasks. Aside from wearing a known brand on the market, this model is quite popular for its “big 4” features that most customers love.

Whether you aim to use this gas pole saw for small to medium tasks, you can get a fine result by cutting up to 8 inches thick branches. If you want an edger, a hedge trimmer, or a leaf blower, all you have to do is remove its cutting head and you’re good to go.

Features and Specifications:

  • 25cc 2 cycles gas engine with Quick Start Technology helps users to pull the start switch with ease
  • Ergonomic design for various purposes as a pole saw, leaf blower, hedge trimmer, an edger, and more
  • Perfect for trimming and pruning trees with low to high branches
  • 8 inches bar and chain is mounted on a 7-foot extension pole so you can reach higher branches with up to 12 feet height
  • Automatic oiler motor allows you to use the gas pole saw for a long time and stay lubricated
  • Top handle for a better balance


  • Energy and fuel efficient for everyday use
  • Very versatile and easy to start with an advanced technology
  • Comes with a lightweight 7 foot extension bar
  • Powerful engine and cutting saw with auto oiler
  • Very budget-friendly pole saw
  • Compatible with additional attachments


  • The pole bar could have been better with a longer extension
  • Some parts might be an issue over time due to quality

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Trimmer Plus PS720 Gas Pole Saw

Get your job done as fast and as efficient as possible with this Trimmer Plus PS720 Gas Pole Saw. Trimmer Plus PS720 Gas Pole Saw has an 8 inches pole with bar & chain which is perfect for trimming or pruning. Always give your trees a new and improved look especially its hard to reach areas using this handy pole saw powered by gas.

No more long cords and battery problems since you can carry this machine anywhere you need it. As long as you have enough gas, you can have the best trimming pole saw in your neighborhood.

Features and Specifications:

  • Extendable 7 foot pole length and saw
  • Smartly designed gas pole saw for trimmings and pruning trees
  • 8 inches bar & chain with an automatic oiler to keep them well-lubricated even after long hours of use
  • Depending on how high is the branch you want to get rid of, you can extend the pole up to 12 feet
  • Two extension sections give you additional options to set the pole’s length according to your desired height
  • Compatible with other brands’ attachments for trimmings like Remington, Craftsman, and Troy Bilt
  • Lightweight and powerful engine


  • Less kickback due to narrow radius bar and safety chain
  • Quick and easy attachment of trimming tools
  • Consistent lubrication of the bar and chain
  • Extendable pole length for and reaching high branches better
  • Fits with most consumer-grade attachments and popular brands


  • Not compatible with other commercial brands like Kawasaki, Echo, and Tanaka
  • The weed whacker could have been better with more power

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Husqvarna 525PT5S Gas Pole Saw

Taking a closer look, Husqvarna 525PT5S Gas Pole Saw is an improved chainsaw for both homeowners and professionals. Husqvarna 525PT5S Gas Pole Saw is one of the great gas pole saws for reaching high branches and hard to reach spots on trees. Despite its full length once fully extended, this gas pole saw prides its superior stability and ergonomic design which gives users a fine result.

If you want to reduce the overall time of your task without so much effort, this is the tool you should try. With minimal effort, you can maneuver this pole saw which uses an X-Torq engine.

Features and Specifications:

  • Automatic Return Stop Switch lets you reset to the On button so you can start the machine again without a sweat
  • With intuitive controls, it will be easier for any user to reach and understand the purpose of the choke and purge
  • Special tube with telescopic function comes in very handy since the adjustment of the cutting height
  • Magnesium clutch housing made this gas pole saw a perfect machine for professionals and longer service life
  • Automatic chain oiler for stable lubrication and powerful performance
  • Stand-alone starter and proficient air filter


  • Lightweight and convenient to use
  • Durable rear impact guard provides maximum protection to the engine
  • Expandable long bar length up to 12 inches maximum
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Superior power speed and idling speed
  • Up to 17.25 floz fuel tank volume


  • No automatic brake and tool-free chain tensioning for convenience
  • It can be a bit pricey compared to its competitors on the market

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Maxtra 42.7CC Gas Pole Saw

Are you getting a hard time to reach high branches? If that is the case, what you need is a gas pole saw that is as long as Maxtra 42.7CC Gas Pole Saw. Maxtra 42.7CC Gas Pole Saw uses a powerful engine with up to 11.4 feet reach. This makes everything easier when trimming and pruning trees with medium to high branches so you can say goodbye to using a ladder.

Equipped with a safety handle, you can continue working without worrying about rotational kickbacks. Its pull starting system is one of the best features of this pole saw as well as its 500ml full tank fuel capacity.

Features and Specifications:

  • 42.7cc 2 cycles engine helps the gas pole saw to be more powerful than other types of pole saws
  • Can be stored neatly in pieces for transporting to various locations
  • Comes with a carry bag to carry it easier by hand or on your shoulders without a hassle
  • Quick Start Technology makes the engine easier to start without so much effort
  • Anti-slip and anti-rotation handlebar will help you get a better balance and better control while cutting higher branches
  • Specially designed shoulder strap reduces the vibration that causes fatigue when operating the machine


  • Produces less vibration to avoid fatigue
  • Powerful but energy efficient dual stage engine
  • Up to 10 inches cutting length
  • Air filter protected the engine for a longer lifespan
  • Special inertia type chain brake for safety
  • Extra throttle lockout for the rear handle


  • The chain cover is made from plastic
  • It is heavier than other models
  • Can be hard to control once extended to full length

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Husqvarna PA1100 Pole Saw Attachment

Are you looking for a pole attachment for your handy machine? Well, isn’t this your lucky day because you can now have a chance to study every bit of information there is about this Husqvarna PA1100 Pole Saw Attachment. Husqvarna PA1100 Pole Saw Attachment is perfect for combi trimmers so you can take advantage of an extra reach to branches. From small and thin branches, you can slice up to 15 inches thick branches with this gas pole saw.

Husqvarna brand is known for having a big heart for Mother Nature with its low emission machines. Thus, you can expect that this model will give you an eco-friendly and efficient result.

Features and Specifications:

  • Powerful engine power with 25cc and 1.1 HP
  • 12 inches bar & chain with 43 inches boom
  • Superior cutting saw power which can cut up to 6 inches thick branches
  • Compatible with the different pole saw models such as 125LDX,129DJX, 325LDX, and 535LK etc.
  • Smart Start function allows users like you to turn On the pole saw with minimal effort in just one snap
  • A detachable shaft can be separated without using tools for a hassle-free storage and transport
  • Balance flex is a harness with supple suspension
  • Telescope tube function allows a quick adjustment of the pole height according to your needs


  • Super long yet lightweight and comfortable to carry the pole
  • Reduced stress on arms and back while working due to a flexible suspension
  • Faster operating speed and more efficient results with less effort
  • Interchangeable with more than 15 gas pole saw models


  • Not compatible with other line trimmers
  • Not suitable for customers who are budget pole saw seekers
  • No included extension bar

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Why Do You Need Gas Pole Saws?

When it comes to the most efficient way to take care of your trimming and pruning job, using the excellent gas pole saw is always on the top list. A gas pole saw is the most powerful type of pole saw on the market right now that customers love so much. Though electric pole saws are pretty handy, it’s not enough to give you the amount of power that a gas can provide. A gas powered pole saw can work for longer hours even if you want to use it 7 days a week.

If you use a gas pole saw you no longer need to climb a ladder just to reach the branches you have to cut. You no longer need to strain your muscles and use all your energy on lifting a heavy chainsaw while on top. All you have to do is get a gas pole saw, turn it on, and target any branch you need to get rid of while holding a pole from the ground. You can even detach the chainsaw from the pole to cut the fallen branches into smaller pieces.

With the help of the gas, a gas pole saw becomes the most efficient tool to maintain any tree or tall plants in your yard. Thus, you get to finish your work faster and go to your next task in no time. The latest models of gas pole saws feature a lighter and quieter motor that can also withstand long years of usage with proper maintenance

How Are Gas Pole Saws Used?

Just like any other high powered machines, operating a gas pole saw needs some extra care and knowledge. If you’re used to traditional chainsaws, it would be easier for you to adjust on this machine. But whether you are experienced on handing chainsaws or not, it’s still worthy to know how to use gas pole saws properly.

  • Check the Machine’s Operating Condition

Similar to using traditional chainsaws, you need to check first if the gas pole saw you will use is safe and ready to be used for the job. Don’t forget to clear the area where you will stand so you can beware of the falling branches or limbs as your work.

  • Wear Protective Gear

Using a gas pole saw requires a protective gear to ensure your safety while working. This also means that you have to wear a hard hat with full face and ears protection. It will protect your head and face against bark or wood that flies everywhere.

  • Know the Basics of Trimming and Pruning

Before you hit the switch button and make your first cut, don’t forget to familiarize yourself first on how to operate a gas pole saw if you’re new in this. Knowing the basics on how to prune and trim trees will help you a lot to use the gas pole saw better. Know how many preliminary cuts and jump cuts you have to make before you reach the final cut.

  • Where to Start Cutting?

Cutting branches require some skill to get a fine result so check where you aim your saw and make the first cut. Typically, making your first cut means positioning your saw at the top. But if you want to make a jump cut, position your blade below the branches to make the first cut.

  • Pole Extension

When cutting on higher branches, take note of the pole’s extension length to reach them.


If you want a handy pole saw that you can carry anywhere you need it or even pack it at the back of your car, then you definitely need a gas pole saw. A gas pole saw is an all-around portable chainsaw that is perfect for residential and commercial use.

Despite the weight, a gas pole saw is the best pole saw on the market that can really help you work in tight spots without so much hassle. Since it is powered by gas, you don’t have to worry about dealing with a cordless pole saw. All you have to keep in mind is bring an extra gas if you plan to use it the whole day.

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