Best Maxtra Pole Saw Reviews

When it comes to tackling jobs around your yard there are few tools as versatile and useful as a pole saw. Perfect for clearing those hard to reach limbs or chopping down small trees that are too big for a hand saw but not big enough for a chainsaw. 

Finding the best Maxtra pole saw for your needs will allow you to keep up on your yard work safely without having to risk your safety and use a chainsaw while dangerously balancing on a ladder. 

The Buyers Guide: The Best Maxtra Pole Saw Reviews

Keep reading below for our full breakdown and review of the best Maxtra gas pole saws to find the right one for you. No matter what your budget or needs are!

MAXTRA 42.7cc 2-Cycle Multifunctional 4 in 1 Cordless Garden Tree Trimming Set – Best Premium Choice

The Maxtra 1 in 4 pole saw is an amazing value compared to some of the other “name brand” alternatives. 

For less than ½ the price of other brands, you not only get a powerful EPA certified 42.7cc engine, a chain saw blade capable of cutting branches up to 7”. But you also get a hedge trimmer, string trimmer, and brush cutter attachments!

Essentially turning one tool into 4 tools. Which means less space for storage and more room for other tools!

What we Like

  • Powerful engine capable of handling most tasks around the yard.
  • Full 1-year warranty and truly amazing customer service.
  • Convenient carrying case for transporting and storing your saw.
  • Unbeatable value. You don’t just get the 3 other attachments, you also get a pair of hand pruners as well as all the tools you’ll need to swap out attachments.

The Detail & Specifications

  • Max Trimming Height: 14’ max reach.
  • Engine: 42.7cc 2 cycle air-cooled engine.
  • Dimensions: 65.8 x 13 x 12.2 inches
  • Saw Length: 10”.
  • Weight: 35lbs total

Final Thoughts

Well worth considering, the 4 in 1 pole saw from Maxtra is in our judgment an excellent value for what you get. Which is why it wins our designation as the best total value option from Maxtra. Especially if you already need the other power tools that come with it. 

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The MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw, 42.7CC Gas Pole Saw- Best Value Pick


Weighing in at a slim 21lbs, the 42.7cc 2 cycle pole saw from Maxtra is another fantastic option for tackling those hard to reach branches. 

With a maximum reach of 15,’ you don’t have to risk using a ladder to trim tree limbs. You can also easily add other attachments like a hedge trimmer or weed eater if you want to. This adds to the versatility but helps keep your costs down if you don’t need or want to spend the money on the extra attachments right now.

Also featuring new safety updates for 2020 like improved screws for the chain cover. You’ll be able to confidently and safely tackle small trees or branches up to 9” in diameter with no problem.

What we Like

  • New and improved safety features for 2020.
  • Lightweight design, great for if you’re using it for longer periods.
  • You can always get more attachments down the road. Saves your money upfront and you can add only the attachments you need when you need them.
  • Quick-release connector. You can easily pop on the extension pole when you need it and get the added reach. Without having to bring extra tools or struggle with bolts or clamps.

The Details

  • Max Trimming Height: 14’ max reach.
  • Engine: 42.7cc 2 cycle air-cooled engine.
  • Dimensions: 140 x 11.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Saw Length: 10”.
  • Weight: 21lbs total

Final Thoughts

A great bargain for what you get. This model of pole saw from Maxtra packs a powerful engine into a lighter weight frame. That is still capable of getting the job done. Plus the ability to add more attachments as you need them makes this the clear winner for the best overall value in our eyes.

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MAXTRA 90-180 Degree Head Adjustable Pole Chainsaw – Fantastic Value

Featuring an adjustable cutting head that can be switched from 90 to 180 degrees. So you can easily and safely adjust the angle of the blade to fit the exact task at hand.

Just like with all of the best Maxtra pole saws in this review, your purchase is backed by a hassle-free, full 1-year warranty. This gives you peace of mind that your purchase is risk-free in case you have any kind of issues.

You’ll have a powerful gas-powered engine with a 10” cutting bar that will slice through small trees, brush or tree limbs up to 10 inches in diameter.

While this model weighs in at 27lbs or 6 pounds more than the previous model we reviewed above. The feature of being able to adjust the angle of the head is a feature to make you consider this model of saw. 

You’ll have to think about which feature is more important to your particular needs. If you’re doing mostly trimming jobs that are easy to reach branches and saplings. The weight savings may be more important. But if you need to get into some hard to reach spots or use it at odd angles. The ability to change the angle will be valuable.

What we Like

  • Adjustable head for makes adapting to the task at hand easy and hassle-free.
  • Lots of extras included like the carrying bag and chain a sharpening tool makes this a great value.
  • The extendable pole lets you get those hard to reach limbs, without risking your safety by using a dangerous ladder.

The Details

  • Max Trimming Height: 15’ max reach.
  • Engine: 42.7cc 2 cycle air-cooled engine.
  • Dimensions: 65.4 x 12.6 x 11.8 inches
  • Saw Length: 10”.
  • Weight: 27lbs total

Final Thoughts

While it weighs a bit more than other options available. In our opinion being able to adjust the angle of the cutting blade adds some serious value to this option.

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What to Know to Get the Best Maxtra Pole Saw 


Maxtra pole saws like other models come in various lengths. This is an important consideration if most of your trimming and cutting will be done on branches that are higher off the ground. 

You want to make sure that you select a model from our list of Maxtra pole saw reviews that will be long enough to get the job done.



Maxtra pole saws are powerful tools, capable of slicing through branches and trees quickly and easily. Just like with any other kind of tool, you need to practice safety. Trust me, it’s always better to be a little cautious than risk injury.

Make sure you’re familiar with how your saw works. How you power it on as well as how you quickly shut it off in case of an emergency.

The great thing about Maxtra pole saws is that they have been designed with safety in mind. Starting with their 2 position choke for safe and easy cold and hot starts. 

As well as their newly designed chain cover to reduce the likeness of a piece of wood getting caught or launched in your direction.

Just like with any kind of power tool. You always want to make sure you have the right kinds of protective equipment like shatterproof glasses, gloves, hearing protection, helmet, boots, etc. This will keep you safe and keep a quick job in your yard from becoming something much worse.

Power Source

Typically pole chain saws come in three varieties. Gas-powered, corded electric where it has to be plugged into a cord to run and battery-powered. Each one has its own set of pros and cons.

While gas-powered saws will usually make a bit more noise than their electric counterparts. They are also the most powerful when it comes to cutting power.

A major drawback of using a corded electric pole chainsaw is safety. Not only do you have to worry about the cord getting caught or tripping over it. You also have to worry about the dangers of using electricity if it’s raining, wet or in very high humidity conditions. 

The Maxtra models that we’re covering in this review are all 2 cycle gas. The biggest advantage of this is you don’t have to worry about snagging an electrical cord or your battery dying. 

Just mix some gas and 2 cycle oil in a gas can, fill up the tank on the pole saw and you’re good to go. If you run your tank dry, you can have the extra gas nearby and be refueled and back to work in only a few minutes.


This is a vital factor to think about before you make a decision. Especially if you’re planning on using your power tools for long periods or doing a lot of trimming that’s overhead. 

A few pounds may not seem like much but after a few hours of hoisting your Maxtra pole pruner over your head, trust me. You’re going to feel every ounce of weight.

Cutting Bar Size

Depending on what you’re primarily going to be trimming or cutting. Make sure you choose a model that can cut the size of the branch or tree that you need it to.

If you’re mainly just going to be removing the odd tree branch or small sapling this shouldn’t be too much of a factor. 

All of the models that we covered in this review can easily handle 7” to 8” branches with a few capable of cutting up to 9” to 10” in diameter.  

Multiple Uses

One of the great things about a pole saw is that with the right attachments you can turn it into multiple other types of power tools. For example, our top choice in this review comes with attachments for a hedge trimmer, string fed weed eater, and a brush cutter.

Essentially turning 1 tool into 4 tools. All of which are super handy to have for work around your yard and home. 


With all the choices available today, it’s hard to pick the right pole saw that fits your exact needs. After carefully reviewing the options, in our opinion, the best Maxtra pole saw for your money is the 4 in 1 model. Getting the extra attachments for what you pay is an amazing deal. You essentially are getting 4 tools for the price of one. 

If you already have or don’t need the other attachments, you won’t be disappointed with the other models as they have their own definite set of advantages as well. 

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