Poulan Pole Saw Reviews Buying Guide 2020

Poulan have a great range of gardening products and pole pruners. Their history in the industry goes back as far as 1944 and their experience shows, with many happy customers purchasing their products and leaving plenty of positive reviews online.

Reviews Of Poulan

We want to take a look at and compare their models so consumers get an idea of the overall quality offered, and whether it’s good value for money or not.

We do this by looking for clues that will tell us about the products:

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Power
  • Performance

Poulan Pro PP258TP 25cc Pole Pruner

Decent power with an equipped 25 cc motor. The manufacturers recommended 6 inch cut maximum. This saw is equipped with an excellent range of specs for this price point. While there is plenty of competition for it in the market, this model holds it’s own focusing on usability and convenience for the masses. Another very important inclusion is the fact that it comes with two years warranty.

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Poulan Pro PPB40PS, 40-Volt 8 in. Cordless Pole Saw

Includes an eight inch bar and the ability to extend the pole up to a distance of eight feet. Such extension of user reach removes the necessity of ladders and will get to those tree top branches that may of previously caused problems for you. Additionally, its chain has a built in tension mechanism designed to stop it coming loose. Don’t like to waste time trying to get things started? This model can be started by simply pressing a button.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Considerations before you buy

Before you decide to part with your cash, you need to be sure what you’re buying fits your requirements. We have compiled a list of features to keep an eye out for below.

Extension length – Always check the maximum reach offered by a product. You will come across a whole range of extension lengths, so ensure you’re picking one that will be able to reach the tree branches that you wish to maintain.

Bar size – The length of its bar is all about how long the chain area is. These can typically be found as low as six inches through to twelve. Obviously the longer the chain, the bigger the area it can cut, but this can also bring other problems like loose tension and handling issues.

Cord / cordless – Some options will come without a cord, whilst others can have a cord trailing behind. Some will argue that cord models can present numerous health and safety issues, namely, a tripping hazard.  However,  with the proper precautions, this shouldn’t be a big issue.  That being said, cordless variants offer more freedom of movement, and tend to be more mobile.

Tension adjustments – Check to see if the model you’re looking into offers automatic tension adjustment of the chain. Not all products come equipped with this, but it’s a nice addition, and one feature that you should be keeping an eye on.

User friendly – The following things could be attributed to how user-friendly a model is. An ergonomically designed handle, how light it is, easy to charge or refill, auto oiler to keep it greased. Whilst not all these are essential, they can make your job easier when cutting back the plants in your garden.

Budget – The prices will vary quite a bit depending on numerous factors like power, reach, and if it operates on gas or electricity.  Most of the time, you can get a solid pruner for less than $250 dollars that will handle your average house holds trimming and cutting. However, if you’re looking for something of a more commercial capacity, the costs can go up significantly.


Overall, Poulan is a brand that have a good reputation, and from our research, we see that many of their pole saws have received positive feedback from consumers around the web.


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