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Pole saws are great tools when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your garden. Just like the name suggests, it is a saw mounted on a pole that makes gardening easier through enabling the pruning and trimming of trees within a short time. Pole saws are a great solution for a garden with tall and thick trees that need to be pruned. The pole saw can handle all your cutting and pruning related to high tree cutting and removal of tree limbs.  

7 Best Pole Saw Reviews 2020


BLACK+DECKER LPP120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw

The BLACK+DECKER LPP120 20V Lithium-Ion Pole Saw has a lithium-ion battery, giving it a higher charge retention and longer durability due to the extended battery life. With proper care and maintenance, it can be used for several years. The price is also reasonable for those on a tight budget.


The battery provides a great performance when compared with some of the other top rated pole saws. Quick to disassemble due to its collapsible features, this cordless pole saw can be carried anywhere without the weight being a problem. The chainsaw doesn’t produce noise while working making your working time peaceful and fun.

Product features and specifications:

  • Enables the cutting of thick logs of up to 11/2 inches using a single charge without recharging it every once in a while.
  • With a weight of around 8.9 pounds and ability to reach up to 14 feet, you can comfortably reach high branches and still not get tired. The lightweight is also convenient for small-bodied people who have difficulty lifting heavy items.
  • 10-inch long guide bar on the pole gives the user balance and control when working. This makes it safe to use, especially when trimming very high branches.


  • Having a lightweight and maximum reach, you can comfortably work with it without worrying about safety
  • Light and portable due to the collapsible feature allowing you to carry it anywhere.
  • Requires less maintenance
  • 20-volt lithium ion battery capacity works effectively


  • Customer complaints about the chain getting detached after using it several times. The chain was also difficult to return back to its’ original state.

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Greenworks 8.5′ 40V Cordless Pole Saw, 2.0 AH Battery Included 20672

The GreenWorks Cordless pole saw is an electric pole saw aimed at energy saving, reducing gas emissions and gasoline usage. This makes it an environmentally friendly tool to use for cleaning your yard. An effective garden tool for trimming your tree branches, the design is safe to use within your home without worrying about it causing any damage.

The extendable 3-piece aluminum shaft allows for effective use even when trimming branches that are on a higher part of a tree. The cordless pole saw comes with an installed battery at the handle base, making it easier to control and balance the pole during usage.

Product features and specifications:

  • Battery included with the pole saw which has G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery System that makes the saw powerful with a long duration of usage. The pole saw can work for a continuous duration of an hour with just a single charge.
  • Lack of a cord enables an ease in carrying the saw and pruning of limbs and branches.
  • 8-inch cutting bar is great for thick branches and trunks and can cut smoothly both vertically and horizontally.
  • Length of 8.7’’ is also good since it can reach even the highest branch on the tree enabling even those who are short in terms of height to work comfortably with it.


  • Assembly of parts is quick and simple
  • Battery charges faster and last for longer making it convenient for long tasks
  • Larger trunks and branches can easily be pruned or cut
  • Powerful and long battery life which lasts for a while before recharging


  • Some customers complained about some difficulties when extracting the battery
  • Few issues related to the unavailability finding a replacement for certain parts

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Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 10-Inch 8-Amp Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw Combo

The Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 10-Inch Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw Combo is among one of the best quality pole saws and a wonderful choice for those on a budget. Most gardeners who face a challenge when it comes to reaching the highest point of the trees in their gardens or yards now have a reason to smile.

With a standard size, you can cut both small and medium-sized limbs of a tree even without using another garden tool. The pole is also adjustable and can reach between 10 to 15 feet without any struggle. All you need to do is get the right length that you feel is comfortable and lock it.

Product features and specifications:

  • Inbuilt with a powerful 8-amp electric motor, it takes a short time and less effort to cut through branches which saves on time and energy.
  • With a telescoping 2-in-1 design you are not limited to a specific task when using the pole saw. The saw can be detached and combined with a branch and a tree limb trimmer converted into a chainsaw.
  • An easy flip and lock clamp makes it safe to use
  • The design enables a non-slip grip on it while working
  • Part of the chainsaw is a durable, low kickback 10-inch bar and chain


  • The push button oiler on the motor enables the limitation on the amount of oil used
  • Light to carry and easy to use
  • Doesn’t produce noise during usage
  • Cheaper than most other cordless and gas pole saws
  • Cuts through thick branches


  • Some complaints about the pole saw stopping to work after a few cuts
  • Few complaints about bad gear engagement and poor engineering

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Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw 

When looking for the best selling pole saw that can function manually, the Sun Joe SWJ800E Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw falls into this category. Not only is its price fair, but the pole saw has lots of features that make it an ideal choice. You will not have to break the bank to maintain a neat and clean yard.

Being an environmentally friendly pole since it does not use gas to function, the Sun Joe Pole Saw is a great choice if you want a pole saw that minimizes gas emissions.

Product features and specifications:

  • Has a telescoping design that allows the extension of the shaft to 15 feet
  • The in-between increments which are part of the saw enable you to cut the exact length that you intend to achieve
  • With a powerful motor of 6.5 amps, it has enough power to continuously cut through logs and branches
  • The pole chain contains an automatic self-lubricating system which simplifies cutting or pruning of a large number of branches within a short while
  • The extendable feature of this manual pole saw allows you to reach extremely high branches (up to 15 feet high)
  • Has an 8 inches long guide bar


  • It can cut through both thin logs as well as thick trunks as a result of the powerful motor.
  • You do not require technical knowledge in order to run it
  • Requires a little to no maintenance since the auto oiler keeps the bar and chain fully lubricated
  • In case of an accidental startup, the one button starter control acts as a safety switch


  • The motor is a bit larger compared to a few other pole saws
  • The extension cord is short and case you need to use the pole saw at a distant length, you will have to purchase a longer cord

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WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw, 10-Inch

The multifunctional WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw happens to be one of the great pole saws in the market that you can purchase if you are looking for a top performer. Once you have this pole saw, you can worry less about getting to branches that are too high. Pruning will be turned into an activity that you will always be longing for.

Although it produces a bit of noise, the WORX Pole Saw is still a high-performance product and can also be easily detached from the extension pole. This allows you to join it to a new pole in case you need to replace the old one.

Product features and specifications:

  • An 8-foot extension foot enabling you to reach the highest branch up to close to 10 feet high
  • An auto-tension chain system that eases the pruning and cutting of branches as well as extends the bar and chain life
  • A powerful 8 amp motor system that lets you work continuously for hours
  • Has a knob that you can easily automatically press to tighten or loosen the saw
  • Has an oil tank with a capacity of 120ml and an automatic oiler window
  • A hand that easily rotates, making trimming of branches easier
  • Lightweight design, but very powerful


  • Requires less pressure when cutting high trees
  • The unique design enhances the grip when working
  • Can function for long hours
  • The design requires less to no maintenance
  • It’s easy to work with the saw due to the oiler which regulates the oil as you cut through the branches


  • Some customer complaints about the oil leaking during use
  • The length of the chain requires you to be strong to properly and comfortably use it

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Oregon Cordless PS250-A6 Pole Saw Kit with 4.0 Ah Battery and Standard Charger

With an ergonomic design, powerful and sharp motor system and a high battery performance, the PS250 is the suitable pole saw with a great weight distribution and balance that can be used in the cordless tools category. Being lightweight and a telescoping reach, all your cutting, trimming and pruning jobs can now be performed with ease.

The 8-inch bar length and branch removal hook are a great boost when it comes to reaching high branches. Alongside it is a shoulder strap and an extendable glass shaft which is the one that allows the saw to extend close to 15 inches of reach from the ground level without getting fatigued. This allows for a continuous runtime enabling you to work for longer.

Product features and specifications:

  • An aluminum branch hook that improves cutting and limb removal
  • A 4.0 Ah Battery with Standard Charger that maintains a constant Lithium-Ion power supply during use for over 450 cuts on branches
  • An adjustable collar with an extendable length of up to 10 feet for easy trimming of higher positioned branches
  • A mid-mount motor that is lightweight, quiet and with a low vibration that improves the saws balance and elevated weight
  • A high tech compilation of cell technology, resulting in no emissions of harmful substances nor the need to acquire pull cords


  • A sturdy handle that brings about a firm grip enabling you to cut through thick branches
  • Quick and assembly of parts
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful and sharp with a longer run time without the worry of it failing after a few cuts
  • Wonderful design and pole


  • Some complaints about several parts like the extension, motor and other parts not being well made and thus falling apart

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Silky New Professional Series 179-39 Telescopic Landscaping Pole Saw 

Rated as the best rated pole saw that can serve both home users and professionals, Silky New Professional Series 179-39 can be a great tool for commercial use. Professional arborists and gardeners that need their work to be a 100% effective can achieve their set targets with this great tool while getting a wonderful experience.

The Silky Series is reasonably priced with a well-built design from quality materials. While most people are normally worried about their safety when handling pole saws, the blade is of good quality and poses no danger to the user. With a detachable 21 feet pole, you can comfortably use it making good use of the trimming and pruning ability it has.

Product features and specifications:

  • A great teeth design of 5.5 teeth per inch, allowing a smooth and easy cutting of branches with less effort
  • The telescoping pole is designed with 1, 2 to 3 extensions with maximum height reach of 21 feet
  • Has a lock system that can be easily adjusted making it non slip
  • An overall weight of 56.9 pounds operating weight inclusive of a blade with 7.35 pounds
  • Comes with a custom scabbard that can be used for g suckers. It’s also effective when pulling hangers that get stuck in the tree


  • A great garden tool for trimming trees and clearing dense bushes
  • A great sheath protection in the event that it slips
  • Easy to handle and control
  • Sturdy and sharp cutting through branches easily
  • You don’t need a ladder since it reaches the branches that are out of reach


  • Few complained about it being expensive
  • Some complaints about the blade being a bit thin and flexible, thus twisting during sawing

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Types of Pole Saws

There are different types of pole saws, but below are four of the most common ones. Get to know more about their usage, shapes, sizes, and benefits to enable you to determine the best fit.

  • Manual Pole Saw

Just as the name suggests the manual pole saw doesn’t require power for it to function. It reduces the cost of having to buy extra tools for it to work. Mostly used in small gardens, it is easy to operate, since, unlike other pole saws, it doesn’t require gas or electricity making it convenient when missing these two. Due to its lightweight design, it’s easy to carry and control as well as less costly compared to other pole saws. The manual saw comprises of a handle with a blade with ropes positioned on the outside and inside of the saw that is normally pulled to cut the limb. This brings about the need to put in a lot of strength when cutting the limbs.

  • Electric Pole Saw

The electric pole saw is a great option for users who do not want to frequently fuel their pole saws. By just plugging into a power source, you should get the electric pole saw functioning effectively. However, the fact that you just plug it in doesn’t exempt you from maintaining it. The motor needs to be checked every once in a while. The electric function boosts the speed which the blades cut through the branches making your job quicker.

  • Cordless Pole Saw

Compared to the manual pole saws which do not require being powered, cordless pole saws need to be powered by a rechargeable battery in order to function. The excellent pole saw is a model with a Lithium-Ion battery which has a higher performance instead of a Ni-Cad battery. The battery then lasts for an hour or two, depending on the amount of work before it is recharged again. The rechargeable function makes them an ideal choice if you are not using them in one place. The portable feature makes cordless pole saws convenient to carry around, especially for large properties with a vast area of thick trees or shrubs that need trimming or pruning for even undergrowth. Although they cost more than the manual pole saws because of the Ni-cad and lithium-ion battery, they are still affordable and their performance is impeccable and will last for hours. Apart from the need to sharpen the chain every time it gets blunt, they are lightweight and require minimal to no maintenance as compared to their gas-powered counterparts

  • Gas Pole Saw

Many professionals and commercial users prefer using gas pole saws. Similar to manual pole saws which are portable, they can be used anywhere. They are available in different sizes with 2 cycle engines that require a little bit of maintenance. They are also environmentally friendly since they do not emit harmful fumes. The extra heavy duty bars and chains, as well as shafts, allow you to cut through even the thickest of branches. The only set back is that they are noisy and a bit heavier than electric pole saws though they have been designed to offer a good balance while working



Knowing your intended purpose for purchasing a pole saw will determine which features you will be looking for in a pole saw before buying one. The pole saw has to perform every function that you need it to. Using the below factors, you will be able to select the top-rated pole saw.

Check the Weight

Weight is an important factor when selecting a pole saw. It has to be one that you can comfortably hold for hours without straining. Purchase a lightweight pole saw of a high quality that you can carry out.

Safety Concern

A safe pole saw should include a protective sheath, anti-vibration and non-slip grip during usage to prevent harming yourself in case of an accident where it falls.

Consider the design

The design influences the ease at which you will work with the pole saw.  A pole saw with a sturdy design is easy to control and operate.

Power capacity

For those that prefer using manual pole saws this might not be an issue, but for other types of pole saws that need to be powered, careful considerations should be taken when selecting them. If you are a lover of going camping, an electric pole saw might not be a wise choice. Instead, buy a battery or gas powered pole saw which is more portable.

Pole length

Check the pole length to know how high the saw can reach. With this in mind, you will be able to purchase one with a reasonable length that will suit your needs.


With a budget estimate of $100 to $1000, you cannot miss getting a pole saw that will meet your needs. Select from the wide range of pole saws that fits within your budget, but keep in mind that quality is also an important factor and it’s not just about the price.


Purchasing any product with a warranty safeguards you as the user in case of any damage. Check if the pole saw has a 2-3 year warranty before purchase.


Frequently Asked Question

You might be wondering which pole might be the best and asking yourself the questions below

  • Which is the right pole saw for you?

Considering the factors mentioned above like weight, height reach, your budget estimate among many others you should be able to narrow down to a few pole saws.

  • How frequently can I use the saw?

Depending on how often you intend to use the saw, you have to purchase a pole saw that goes with your usage.  Get a saw that is durable if you are often cutting and pruning your yard. Although this might be costly, it is better to make a one-time investment in a quality pole saw rather than keep spending on repairs and replacements due to poor quality.

  • How much are quality and durable pole saws?

The more expensive pole saws mostly which fall under gas pole saws have the best quality. Electric and battery pole saws are much cheaper and ideal for home use while professionals prefer gas pole saws.

  • How much power supply do I need?

For those who do not want a manual, battery operated or gas pole saw, they require a power supply to run an electric saw. With sufficient power source, you should be able to run an electric pole saw since the motor needs power.

A rating of 6.5 amps of power rating is enough allowing the motor to produce a no-load speed of 300 RPM to around 600 RPM. More advanced powered saws have a cutting power of 1,000 RPM or more. Larger limbs would also require a higher power and a gas saw is the most recommended. Light trimming requires less power.


Hundreds of different brands and designs are available and you must know exactly which will work. Choosing the pole saw is a difficult task, but using the guidelines above, you should be able to find one that you can comfortably work with. With different ranges of varying prices, shapes, pole length and other features, you can still get one within your price range. Whether it is an electric, gas, manual, battery-powered or combined combo pole saw that you want to buy, find one with the best reviews that will not disappoint you after several cuts. You will not only save your money but also maintain a neat home.